Performance Measurement

Base-Two PAS offers many key features to satisfy the great variety of performance needs and requirements that arise from clients, managers, and marketing teams.

  • Compute performance attributes for all types of investment instruments including stocks, bonds, cash and equivalents, convertibles, ADR’s, forwards, futures, options, and swaps.
  • Import data from a variety of sources including in-house or commercial systems and market data vendors to consolidate performance into one powerful, easy to use system.
  • Comprehensive data reconciliation features begin at the data import stage.
  • Built in data editing tools for immediate results.
  • Flexible user defined hierarchies for classification of data.
  • Drill down to security level.
  • Accurate transaction and holding based performance using a variety of methodologies produce cohesive results.
  • Hedging, shorting, gross, net, and after tax returns.
  • Calculate daily performance when needed.
  • Many widely used industry-accepted as well as customized risk measures are available.